New Theatre Generation

30.05-7.06.2023, Lublin

The exchange project was planned as a meeting for young theatremakers aged 17-29 years old, young professionals, semi-professional artists involved in the independent professional and non-professional theatre movements in their countries – theatre directors, drama writers, music composers/musicians, actors, dancers, stage designers, costume designers, multimedia artists, theatre producers. During the meeting, they had a chance to work together, exchange ideas, inspirations and tools for artwork, and prepare a final event for the local community in Lublin to present the artistic outcome of the exchange and workshops. Young theatremakers had a chance to meet the most important art institutions and artists working and living in Lublin. In total, we invited 15 participants from 3 countries and 3 facilitators from 3 countries: Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

Shortcut from the final performance


Létra Kulturális Egyesület/The Ladder Art Company Budapest/Dunaharaszti – Hungary
Ladder Art Company is an emerging interdisciplinary cultural association based in Budapest, Hungary. We have been organizing cultural events, workshops, artistic collaborations and producing theatre productions since our establishment in 2016. The purpose of the association is to encourage responsibility, consciousness, acceptance, open-mindedness, and a supportive way of life through artistic projects. Our motivation is to raise the consciousness of established expertise and techniques for a new generation of actors, theatre practitioners and audiences. In the last 6 years, we have been running our Theatre Master Courses project and organizing 12 international workshops in Budapest. After the successful Visegrad Fund Residency Program in Slovakia in 2018, our visual theatre piece “Awakening” was invited to different international theatre festivals.

Reverzní dveře z. s. – Brno – Czech Republic
Reverse Door is an independent theatre collective. Theatre of the theme, which is typical of joint creation, in which each member of the ensemble participates in the creation of all components of the production – first of all, the topic of our statement, and last but not least, its staging solution. In addition to its own creation of contemporary theatre productions, Reversní dvě functions as a creative laboratory with the possibility of research and professional reflection of the author’s theatre.

The project is co-financed by the Visegrad Fund, Waclaw Felczak Polish-Hungarian Cooperation Intitute, Municipality of Lublin and Authors Association ZAiKS.

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