Better together

We are excited to share with all of you the incredible results and inspiring creations of participants in the recent „Better Together” Training Course.

🔹 Innovation and Creativity: Our participants have worked tirelessly, exploring new ideas and perspectives. From collaborative projects to individual initiatives, each contribution has been a testament to their passion and dedication.

🔹 Learning and Growth: This course has not only been a platform for skill development but also a journey of personal and professional growth for each of the participants.

🔹 Collaboration and Community: We have witnessed a wonderful synergy of cultures, ideas, and energies. This is the true spirit of „Better Together” – learning, sharing, and growing collectively.

📸 Take a look at their work: To see all that our participants have achieved, visit the following links. We are sure you will feel as inspired as we are:



[Erasmus + Videos]


Mr. Gordo Lost in Erasmus +


[Journalist Interviews]

Interview 1

Interview 2

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